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What We Do

Clark Mediation specializes in all types of family disputes, including divorce, parentage, separation, custody, child support, alimony, property division, post-divorce modifications, co-parenting disputes, marital mediation, probate, and other matters. 


If you are divorcing, separating, or have children with someone with whom you are co-parenting, mediating with us can help you address and resolve all of the issues that arise in the midst of a divorce.


Often, after the divorce is final or you have been separated for some time, issues arise that require modifications to your divorce decree or paternity order.


Mediation can be helpful for couples who intend to stay married but are having significant communication issues and trouble discussing important decisions.


Clark Mediation can also aid you in resolving Probate Matters, Guardianship, Workplace Disputes, and a myriad of other disputes.

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